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RIPE NCC Participating in OECD Working Party on IP Addresses

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The RIPE NCC has been invited by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to participate in studies conducted by their Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy (ICCP). These studies, which will be used to help governments understand the future of the Internet economy, are an important example of how the RIPE NCC's unique role in the Internet landscape enables it to provide valued contributions to governments and government-related organisations.

The RIPE NCC has presented the ICCP-run Working Party on Communication and Information Services Policy (CISP) with an overview of the RIPE community's position on IPv4 depletion, IPv6 deployment and other key issues in the current Internet landscape. In addition, the RIPE NCC has been working with the working party to formulate a paper on the future of the Internet economy which will support high-level ministerial consultation.

"This is a very important contribution in helping governments develop an informed understanding about the future of the Internet economy," said Paul Rendek, Head of External Relations and Communications, RIPE NCC. "We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with the OECD and providing them with all the necessary Regional Internet Registry and technical input relating to IP address space distribution."

The findings from the ICCP studies will be presented to governments at an important ministerial meeting in June 2008. The meeting, to be held by the OECD, will take place in Seoul, Korea, from 17-18 June 2008. The RIPE NCC will attend as part of a delegation representing the Internet technical community.

More information about this meeting.