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RIPE NCC Offers Members LIR Portal

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20 January 2003 - The RIPE NCC announces the release of the RIPE NCC LIR Portal. This new service will help reduce delays by providing LIRs increased access to the RIPE NCC via a web interface. The beta testing of this service started at RIPE 43 in September 2002.

In addition to managing registry data, LIRs will be able to make other queries and updates without going through the RIPE NCC staff. Once the user is authenticated to the system, they will be able to access LIR specific resources and all information exchanged will be encrypted to ensure security.

Features of the RIPE NCC LIR Portal include:

  • viewing and editing of LIR contact and address information
  • viewing of billing information
  • viewing of IP and AS resources
  • viewing status of open tickets
  • news and events

To activate your account, please follow the procedure found at:

New features of the portal will be added based on response from the community.

In response to the community's request during the Tools Working Group at RIPE 44 we are pleased to announce a new mailing list specifically for the RIPE NCC LIR Portal.

This mailing list will provide an opportunity to discuss any issues related to the LIR Portal including the features offered and issues concerning the application.