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RIPE NCC Listing Service: Streamlining Resource Transfers

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A year ago the RIPE NCC introduced the Listing Service, aimed at streamlining the resource transfer process.

At this time, it only enables RIPE NCC members to list the IPv4 address space they hold and no longer need. Since the depletion of the available IPv4 address pool, there has been an increasing demand from the membership for a service that allows LIRs to request IPv4 address space for transfer. To fulfil this demand, we are currently building an addition to the Listing Service to provide this functionality.

RIPE NCC Members will be able to post a request on the Listing Service indicating a prefix size, whether a permanent or temporary transfer is desired, and any other details they wish to disclose. Only RIPE NCC members will be able to view the details in the LIR Portal. On the public website, we will display the total size of all address space that is being requested, without disclosing the identity or other details of the requesters. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.