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RIPE NCC Launches General Meeting Registration Through LIR Portal

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For the RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) on 5 November 2014, RIPE NCC members can now register their attendance and voting preferences through the LIR Portal.

This new secure process means that electronic voters do not need to register separately. The GM Preferences page on the LIR Portal allows members to register quickly and easily while allowing them to see the status of their voting rights.

In addition, the RIPE NCC Executive Board has also extended the GM registration period for electronic voters to close at 18:00 UTC on the day of the meeting rather than the day before. The voting window is also extended to 09:00 UTC on 7 November, giving members an extra 36 hours in which to cast their vote.

The Executive Board hopes the new process for registration and the extended electronic voting window will encourage all RIPE NCC members to take participate in this important meeting.

Register Now for the General Meeting