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RIPE NCC Holds Roundtable Meeting in Bahrain

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The Roundtable Meeting was attended by delegations from Ministries and Regulators of Arab countries in the RIPE NCC service region. This was the first RIPE NCC Roundtable Meeting for Governments and Regulators to be held in the Middle East, and marks an important development in the RIPE NCC's engagement in the region.

Participants of the roundtable discussed strategies to drive more development and economic growth for the Arab region's Internet sector, with a focus on Internet number resources, IPv6 deployment and Internet traffic management. There was also discussion of the RIPE Policy Development Process and the need for engagement of all stakeholders to drive the development of effective and relevant policies.

In addition to presentations from RIPE NCC staff, discussion was driven by presentations from regulatory authorities in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Belgium, each of whom discussed their public sector's approach to encouraging IPv6 adoption in their national industries.

The RIPE NCC thanks the Government of Bahrain for their support in organising this event. All participants agreed that a further such event in 2018 would be welcome and vital to developing regional cooperation and understanding.

Presentations from the meeting are now available online.