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RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2021

general meeting news

The RIPE NCC membership voted on the following three resolutions:

Resolution 1:

Piotr Strzyżewski

“The General Meeting adopts the RIPE NCC Financial Report 2020.”

The resolution was approved.

Resolution 2:

"The General Meeting discharges the Executive Board with regard to its actions as they appear from the Annual Report 2020 and Financial Report 2020."

The resolution was approved.

Resolution 3:

"The General Meeting approves the adoption of the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2022."

The resolution was approved.

Job Snijders and Piotr Strzyżewski were elected to the RIPE NCC Executive Board.

A full voting report detailing the voting numbers and a link to vote receipts that members can use to verify their votes is available.

All the information relating to the meeting is available from the General Meeting webpages.