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RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund 2021 Recipients Announced

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The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund opened its call for applications in June 2021. The application period was open for just over six weeks and more than 20 applications from 16 different countries were submitted.

The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund Selection Committee has reviewed the applications and is happy to announce that the following projects have been selected as the 2021 recipients of the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund.

Congratulations to the selected projects:

  • CACert - Addition of CAcert's Distributed Web of Trust to OpenID Connect
  • Guido Franken - Cryptofuzz
  • Glenn C McKnight - Virtual School of Internet Governance (VSIG)
  • Melchior Aelmans - Open Source TCP-AO (RFC5925) Implementation
  • KorLabs - Closed Resolver Project
  • Jacob Ayoki Driving School Ltd ICT Unit - Door Step Digital Skills and IT Freedom in Gboko
  • Greenweb Foundation - A Carbon-Aware Internet
  • NLnet Labs - Open and Scalable DNSThought Platform
  • Aaron Kaplan - Open Source Automatic Incident Report Handling and Response Tool for RIPE Members.

Read more about these projects.