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RIPE NCC Announces Chosen Members for the Address Council of the ICANN Address Supporting Organisation (ASO)

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands -- 5 October 1999

The RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Co-ordination Centre) announces the members selected from the RIPE NCC service region to serve on the ICANN ASO Address Council. The selection took place at 34th RIPE Meeting held from 22-24 September 1999 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and follows an open Call for Nominations published on 8 September 1999.

The individuals elected to the Address Council from the RIPE NCC service region are:

Sabine Jaume, RENATER, France

Hans Petter Holen, SOL System AS, Norway

Wilfried Woeber, Vienna University, Austria

The ICANN Address Council's duties are mainly threefold: To oversee the existing regional processes for the development of global policies relating to distribution and registration of Internet address space, identifiers used in Internet inter-domain routing, and part of the DNS name space derived from the Internet address space and the inter-domain routing identifiers. To advise the ICANN Board on matters referred to the Address Council by the Board of ICANN. The Address Council is also the body responsible for the selection of Address Supporting Organisation (ASO) Directors to the ICANN Board of Directors.

The ASO will advise the ICANN Board with respect to policy regarding the system of IP addresses, such as, that uniquely identify the Internet's networked computers. The ASO is one of three Supporting Organisations called for in the ICANN bylaws.

The selection process has been conducted in accordance with the principles described in the draft Memorandum of Understanding-based ASO within ICANN which can be found at:

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