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RIPE NCC and Jordan regulator partner up to increase awareness about IPv6 deployment in Jordan

ipv6 training middle eastern event

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RIPE NCC in partnership with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in Jordan (TRC), successfully hosted a series of workshops and training sessions aimed at increasing the awareness about IPv6 deployment in Amman, Jordan. The sessions, which took place from 27-29 January 2020 at Le Royal hotel, were attended by representatives from telecom operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), TRC and key stakeholders from the private sector. The sessions were aimed at educating participants about IPv6 deployment and other related topics.

Two training courses were conducted over three days. A basic IPv6 training course, which discussed IPv6 adoption and deployment, and an advanced IPv6 training course, which looked at the similarities between IPv4 and IPv6 and how to make your network IPv6 ready.

Maha Ziad Mouasher, Studies and Research Officer at TRC said: “TRC remains steadfast in its commitment to provide the much-needed support to further expand Internet connectivity and to enhance telecommunications services nationwide, including the efforts to promote IPv6 deployment. We are pleased at the success of this collaborative event with the RIPE NCC and we look forward to working closely with them across future endeavours”.

Chafic Chaya, Regional Communications Manager at RIPE NCC said, “We are very pleased at the successful turnout of these training sessions in Amman, which was aimed at promoting the importance of IPv6 deployment, including the many benefits and advantages that it offers. We would like to extend our appreciation to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in Jordan for their important role and engagement in the nation’s transition to IPv6”.

The trainings and workshops fall in line with the RIPE NCC commitment towards supporting its members in the Middle East Region with technical expertise related to IPv6 deployment and other networking topics.

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