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RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2020 Published

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The RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2020 is now available. This definitive document has been approved by the RIPE NCC Executive Board with input from our membership. It outlines the work we will undertake in the coming year and the associated costs for each activity.

The main points from this year's document are:

  • Our budget will increase by 4%
  • No increase to our FTE count
  • A forecast revenue decrease of 12% in 2020, as we expect to end the year with approximately 1,500 fewer LIR accounts than we started with
  • The membership fee remains at EUR 1,400
  • There is an anticipated surplus of 3,332 kEUR to potentially be redistributed to the membership
  • The cost per LIR is expected to be EUR 1,498, up from EUR 1,367 in the 2019 Budget

Feedback we received from the Executive Board and from the membership at last October's General Meeting (GM) did not result in any significant changes since the draft version was published in September.