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Proposal to change the RIPE Database schema for abuse contact information

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The purpose of this proposal is to change the RIPE Database schema to make abuse contact information more visible, available and useful to users.

The main changes we propose are:

  • To hide attributes that contain e-mail addresses in the default output of queries. We will provide an option to disable this feature.
  • To add a new "abuse-mailbox:" attribute to person, role, irt, mntner and organisation objects.
  • To provide an option to display only key attributes and abuse contacts.
  • To change the irt object template so that the "signature:" and "encryption:" attributes are no longer mandatory.
  • To change the behaviour of the '-c' switch in whois queries.
  • We will announce the changes on our website. We will also contact any third-party software developers who rely on the RIPE Database for abuse contact information.

You can read the minutes from the Database Working Group discussion at:

Full Text of Proposal

The full text of the proposal is available here:

Along with this proposal, new object ordering will be implemented: