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Report from the October 2009 RIPE NCC General Meeting

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8 October 2009 - The The RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) October 2009 took place on Wednesday, 7 October 2009, adjacent to the RIPE 59 Meeting, at the Corinthia Hotel in Lisbon.

There were 82 attendees, excluding RIPE NCC staff and observers from the other Regional Internet Registries.

RIPE NCC members approved the following two formal resolutions:

  • "The General Meeting adopts the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2010 Version A"
  • "The General Meeting in accordance with Article 21 of the Articles of Association adopts the amendments to the Articles of Association as proposed and announced by the Executive Board on 9 September 2009."
  • Furthermore, the General Meeting instructs and authorises the Executive Board to perform or to have performed all that is required to have the amendments executed before a Dutch civil law notary, including but not limited to the translation into Dutch by certified translator and final amendment at the request of the notary or RIPE NCC's lawyer of the exact wording of the amendments in Dutch, and the amendment of any cross-references to the Articles of Association in other documents to bring these in conformity with the Articles of Association as adopted in this General Meeting."

The RIPE NCC would like to thank its membership for the input and support given at the General Meeting.