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Model Independent Assignment Request and Maintenance Agreement Now Available


Phase one of policy proposal 2007-01, "Direct Internet Resource Assignments to End Users from the RIPE NCC", will be implemented on 3 March 2009.

This change will require that an End User have a contractual relationship with a sponsoring LIR or the RIPE NCC before the End User can receive Internet number resources (Autonomous System (AS) Number, Provider Independent (PI) IPv4 and IPv6, Internet Exchange Point (IXP) and anycasting assignments) directly from the RIPE NCC.

You can read the full text of policy proposal 2007-01.

Phase one addresses the implementation of the new policy in relation to all new requests for independent number resource assignments.

Please note that from 3 March 2009, End Users requesting independent number resources must sign a contract with a sponsoring LIR or with the RIPE NCC in order to receive those resources. Requests for independent number resources that do not demonstrate such a contract will not be processed by the RIPE NCC.

Information on the required content of contracts between End Users and sponsoring LIRs is now available with a Model Contract

Phase two of policy proposal 2007-01 will address the contractual relationship between End Users who hold previously assigned independent number resources and the RIPE NCC or a sponsoring LIR. A plan for implementation of this phase will be presented at the next meeting of the RIPE NCC Services Working Group, which will take place at the RIPE 58 Meeting in Amsterdam from 4-8 May 2009.