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News and Announcements

Archived: Apply for RACI Project Funding before 31 May 2021
Archived: RPKI Route Origin Validation on RIPE NCC Network

On Monday, 19 April 2021, we will enable Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Route Origin Validation (ROV) on our own network, AS3333, and reject RPKI invalid Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) announcements.

RIPE NCC Annual Report 2020 and RIPE NCC Financial Report 2020 Published

The RIPE NCC Annual Report 2020 and RIPE NCC Financial Report 2020 are now online.

NRO NC Elections 2021: Call for Nominations

This is a call for nominations from the RIPE NCC service region to fill Filiz Yilmaz’s seat on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council (NC). Filiz recently stepped down from her position and will end her term on 31 May 2021.

The RIPE NCC Throws Light on the Current State of the Internet in the GCC Countries, Yemen and Iraq
Archived: General Meeting May 2021: Registration and Call for Nominations Open

Members can now register to participate in and vote electronically at the RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM) taking place over 19-21 May 2021.

Archived: New Code of Conduct and Procedures for Executive Board Elections

The implementation of new processes for Executive Board elections for the RIPE NCC GM May 2021

Archived: Attack on RIPE NCC Access: Please Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Last weekend, RIPE NCC Access, our single sign-on (SSO) service was affected by what appears to be a deliberate ‘credential-stuffing’ attack, which caused some downtime. We mitigated the attack, and we are now taking steps to ensure that our services are better protected against such threats in the future.

Archived: Update to the RIPE NCC Certification Practice Statement (CPS) for the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)
Roundtable Meeting for Governments and Regulators in Europe

On Tuesday, 26 January 2021, the RIPE NCC held a virtual Roundtable Meeting for government representatives and regulators in Europe.