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James Kennedy Appointed as Chief Registry Officer


After an extensive search, we are pleased to announce the appointment of James Kennedy as the RIPE NCC’s new Chief Registry Officer. James will begin his new role in September.

James has been in our industry for over 15 years. Many of you will know James from his extensive involvement in the RIPE community. He was previously co-chair of the RIPE Database Requirements Task Force and is currently serving on the NRO Number Council and as co-chair of the Address Policy Working Group. He has even worked as an IPRA with the RIPE NCC in the past. 

James will step down from his roles in the Address Policy Working Group and the NRO Number Council before starting at the RIPE NCC, and will be sure to complete a proper handover with his successors.

We also want to thank Felipe Victolla Silveira for his dedication and hard work in leading our registry operations over the past five years. Among other things, he is responsible for significantly improving our internal processes and the service levels we provide to members, and he played a crucial role in our response to a number of critical issues over this period, including sanctions and the war in Ukraine.