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IPv6 Train-the-Trainer Programme in Iran

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The goal of the Train-the-Trainer programme is to have a diverse group of competent, highly-trained IPv6 trainers from the MENOG and ENOG regions who can deliver the RIPE NCC's IPv6 training material and conduct the IPv6 Roadshows and workshops in their own country or region, alongside RIPE NCC trainers.

There is a big demand for the RIPE NCC's IPv6 training courses and there are often requests for trainers who speak the local language. By training local trainers, the RIPE NCC helps them build a local community and spread their knowledge.

This was the third round of Train-the-Trainer sessions - previous sessions were held in Moscow and Dubai - and there is now a pool of 25 IPv6 trainers.

More news, information and statistics on the RIPE NCC's activities are available on the IPv6 Info Centre.