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IPv6 Roadshows Nominated for WSIS Prize – Vote Now!

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The IPv6 Roadshow initiative is being considered for one of the annual World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prizes, in the area of Capacity Building (WSIS Action Line 4).

The IPv6 Roadshow is a joint initiative of the RIPE NCC and the Middle East Network Operators' Group in cooperation with government and enterprise host organisations. Since its launch in 2011, more than 30 IPv6 Roadshow courses have been held, providing hands-on training for over 1,000 network operators in IPv6 deployment. The associated Train-the-Trainer course was recently launched, with the first graduate delivering a course in November 2015.

The WSIS Prizes, also launched in 2011, are a showcase for the recognition of innovative ICT-related development projects from around the world. Any interested stakeholder can register to cast a vote for each year's winners (in categories reflecting the 18 WSIS Action Lines).

Please take this chance to reward the collaborative efforts of many stakeholders in our service region.

The voting process is as follows:

  1. Go to the WSIS Prizes webpage
  2. Register for a “WSIS Stakeholder” account
  3. Vote for one programme in each Action Line
  4. There are 18 Action Lines – please make sure you vote in each Action Line (otherwise your vote won't be counted!)

Voting closes on 10 March 2016.

The RIPE NCC would like to congratulate all those nominated for this year's WSIS Prizes, which represent the diverse global efforts to build on the development potential of the Internet and ICTs.