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Internet Number Resources Approved to the RIPE NCC

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Based on RIPE Policy Document (ripe-476), "Allocating/Assigning Resources to the RIPE NCC" and the RIPE NCC procedural document (ripe-613), “RIPE NCC Conflict Arbitration Procedure”, the RIPE NCC Arbiters Panel has approved an IPv6 PI assignment and an Autonomous System Number (ASN) resource to the RIPE NCC for its resiliency node in Stockholm.

Download the document (.pdf) detailing the original request.

Request to Arbiters

The RIPE NCC has requested on 10 December 2014 to assign a /48 IPv6 PI assignment and a public 32-bit AS Number.

The RIPE NCC IP Resource Analysts involved in the evaluation of this request were Arne Kiessling and Mike Petrusha.

The RIPE NCC internal procedures were followed and all preliminary checks were completed:

  • The requests were submitted by Menno Schepers, RIPE NCC Senior Systems Engineer, with the approval of the IT Department Manager.
  • All request forms were found to be correctly filed in accordance with the RIPE Policies and RIPE NCC Procedures.

The Purpose of the Request

The main usage of the assignment will be to provide resiliency for RIPE NCC core services (DNS, RIPE Database, RIPE NCC's internal network etc.)

The new prefix will be used for resiliency/backup of the main network using 2001:67c:2e8::/48.

Size and Justification of the Network

  • The IPv6 PI assignment request was for a minimum size of /48.

→ The policies of the RIPE community state:
"The minimum size of the assignment is a /48."

  • No sub-assignments will be made from the IPv6 PI assignment because the RIPE NCC has no "End Users".

Because the assignment will follow a different routing policy than the RIPE NCC's main network, the RIPE NCC also requested a 32-bit AS Number assignment for this network that will peer with AS8674 and AS197000.

→ The policies of the RIPE community state:
"Additional assignments may also be made ... because different routing requirements exist for additional assignments."

The RIPE NCC needs to use provider independent address space for this network to be able to change providers if necessary so it cannot use address space from an LIR's IPv6 allocation for this network.

The hosts in this network also need to be globally reachable, meaning no form of private space/resources (ULA or private ASNs) can be used.

Arbiters Panel Decision

As ripe-476 requires, the Arbiters Panel must evaluate allocation and assignment requests for number resources to be used by the RIPE NCC.

The arbiters received the relevant request from the RIPE NCC on 10 December 2014. On the same day, arbiter Pierre Baume informed the Arbitration Panel of a conflict of interest and excluded himself from the evaluation.

The Arbiters Panel sent their official approval on 5 January 2015.

Based on the approval by the Arbiters Panel, on 6 January 2015 the RIPE NCC has received the approvals for a /48 IPv6 PI assignment and a public 32-bit AS Number.