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Internet Country Report Central Europe Published

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The latest RIPE NCC Internet Country Report is now available, this time focusing on four countries in Central Europe. Our latest report details the Internet landscape in Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

We examine the major market players, Internet number resource holdings, IPv4 transfers and IPv6 readiness to understand the history and current state of Internet development in this region as well as its capacity for future growth. We also analyse the region's resilience and stability by mapping the relationship between different networks in the countries, their international connectivity to the global Internet, access to K-root, traffic paths and routing security.

The RIPE NCC produces these country reports in order to inform discussion around Internet development among technical communities and decision makers throughout our service region.

You can download the full report and get the highlights on RIPE Labs

Please share the report with your colleagues. If you want to discuss the findings, we would be happy to hear from you