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IANA Stewardship on the Agenda at RIPE NCC Roundtable Lunch for Governments and Regulators

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Approximately 20 representatives of governments, regulators and industry participated.

The focus of the lunch agenda was the IANA stewardship transition, which was discussed in the RIPE 70 plenary session earlier in the week. The lunch was an opportunity for governments to share their perspectives and ask questions of RIPE CRISP team representatives and RIPE NCC staff.

The RIPE NCC also shared a presentation with attendees on recent developments in RIPE policy, though time constraints meant that there was no opportunity for discussion of this topic.

Copies of both presentation slide decks are available on the RIPE NCC Roundtable Meeting website.

The Roundtable Lunch was held between the two sessions of the RIPE 70 Cooperation Working Group, which also allowed government participants to contribute to discussions on topics including net neutrality, security and human rights in technology.

If you have any questions regarding these Roundtable Meetings, please send an email to [email protected].