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Hans Petter Holen starts as RIPE NCC's new Managing Director


“When I got involved in the RIPE community, every network engineer's dream was to work for the RIPE NCC. Back then, I would never have thought that I would become Managing Director. I believe that the RIPE NCC is a great place to work if you want to play a part in shaping the future of the Internet. Managing internet number resources is an invisible part of the Internet but crucial to keep its core infrastructure running.

But there is more to the RIPE NCC than just being the Regional Internet Registry for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. The RIPE NCC also provides services to our members and the community at large. Not only technical services (e.g. RIPE Atlas, RIPEStat, K-root) but also extensive training and educational programmes with professional certifications” shared Hans Petter.

Hans Petter has worked in the Internet industry for over 30 years. He co-founded one of Norway’s first commercial ISPs, Oslonett AS, and has most recently worked for Visma - a leading business solution provider in Northern Europe - as IT Director and Chief Information Security Officer.

“The RIPE NCC is unknown to the world at large but well-known to Internet experts and increasingly to governments and regulators. As a membership association, we’ve great opportunities to innovate and provide guidance and vision to the community. I find this very inspiring,” he added.

Hans Petter has been part of the RIPE community for 20 years and has served as the RIPE Chair since 2014: “As RIPE Chair, openness, transparency and inclusiveness are all values close to my heart. I believe that the RIPE NCC stands by these values as well,” he said.

He resigned from his RIPE Chair role in April but will remain the interim Chair until a new Chair and Co-Chair are selected by the RIPE Nominating Committee later this year.