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Expansion of Eligible Address Space for Resource Certification (RPKI)

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When the Resource Certification (RPKI) service was launched in 2011, only address space allocated to the RIPE NCC directly by IANA was eligible for certification. The RIPE NCC is happy to announce that all address space that was historically transferred to the RIPE NCC from other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) is now also eligible.

These ranges are so called "minority" address space, meaning that the full /8 block is managed by one of the four other RIRs, but a subset is managed by the RIPE NCC. LIRs who hold address space in these minority ranges will automatically have those resources added to their certificate, if they already have one. From 10 October 2013, they can create Route Origin Authorisations (ROAs) for the BGP announcements that they make with these prefixes.

Resource Certification (RPKI) is a free service offered by all RIRs to offer BGP Origin Validation. It allows operators to request a digital certificate containing their Internet number resources and make cryptographically verifiable statements about their intended BGP announcements. These ROAs allow other network operators to make reliable routing decisions. In the RIPE NCC service region, almost 1,700 LIRs have requested a resource certificate and created ROAs for almost six
/8s worth of address space.