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EuroDIG 2015: RIPE NCC Report

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From the opening plenary session, the conversation turned to issues such as the adoption of IPv6 and DNSSEC. RIPE Chair Hans Petter Holen joined representatives of the European Commission, business, the Bulgarian government and others to discuss the EU's plans for a Digital Single Market. This proved an understandably wide-ranging discussion, touching on issues as diverse as requirements for IPv6 implementation and copyright law.

Network neutrality proved another hotly discussed topic, with efforts on the second day of the conference to develop a EuroDIG multistakeholder statement on the issues surrounding net neutrality. This statement is still open for comment by the community.

Two workshops on cybersecurity highlighted the importance of multistakeholder cooperation in effective online security strategies, with the work of the RIPE NCC in engaging governments and law enforcement agencies noted as an example of this cooperation.

The closing plenary session focused on the ongoing IANA stewardship transition, and particularly its status as a test case for multistakeholder Internet governance. A broad range of speakers, including the RIPE NCC's Athina Fragkouli, also emphasised the links between this process and the broader Internet governance discussion, particularly the ten-year review of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in the United Nations General Assembly later this year. A report on this plenary session is available here.

The RIPE NCC was pleased to be able to support the participation of Corinne Cath, who presented her work on human rights in the development of technical protocols at the recent Cooperation Working Group session at RIPE 70. Corinne has written about her experience at EuroDIG on RIPE Labs.

Next year's EuroDIG event will held in June in Brussels, with exact dates to be confirmed shortly.