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Deployment of ASPLAIN Format in the RIPE Database

as numbers news announcement

25 March 2009 - The RIPE NCC has successfully completed the implementation of ASPLAIN format in the RIPE Database.

We've converted all data in the RIPE Database containing an ASDOT Autonomous System Number (ASN) using the one-to-one mapping that exists between the two formats. If you are the maintainer of any routing data in the RIPE Database associated with 32-bit Autonomous System Numbers, please check your data to be sure it was correctly converted.

From this point, any Autonomous System Numbers or references must be in the ASPLAIN format. The ASDOT format will no longer be accepted in RIPE NCC services such as the LIR Portal and the RIPE Database.

Please note, the Routing Information Service (RIS) has not yet been converted to ASPLAIN. Some RIS tools may accept ASPLAIN input, however this is not yet officially supported.

If you use Autonomous System Numbers internally, or with other tools not yet updated, you may be interested in a conversion tool provided by APNIC. It converts ASDOT format Autonomous System Numbers to ASPLAIN and back.