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CITC Holds DNSSEC Training Workshop in Riyadh with the RIPE NCC

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Eng. Raed Al-Fayez, the director of Saudi Network Information Center (SaudiNIC), which is operated by CITC, said that the DNS is an important and sensitive national-level Internet infrastructure service. "It is very crucial and important to secure national DNS services. Therefore, we are keen to adopt and implement DNSSEC in the Saudi ccTLDs (i.e., .sa and .السعودية). Furthermore, we would like to reach out to local government agencies, telecom operators, ISPs, etc., and encourage them to adopt and implement DNSSEC in their networks. As well as analysing challenges and developing contingency plans for network continuity, taking into account the challenges and threats resulting from piracy and hacking taking place on the Internet. Organising this workshop is part of CITC's keenness to provide and use DNSSEC and in keeping pace with technological developments in the region and the whole world to ensure the continuity of positive growth for all vital sectors based on the ICT sector in Saudi Arabia".

Paul Rendek, Director of External Relations at the RIPE NCC said he was pleased with the RIPE NCC's contribution to capacity and skills development in Saudi Arabia. “This training program will offer Saudi trainees a unique opportunity to enable them to manage and implement DNSSEC in their institutions and companies, as well as to activate their role in supporting the exchange of expertise in all matters relating to DNSSEC at the level of GCC countries and the Arab region."

The main objective of the training workshop was in leadership and capacity building in the field of cyber security in Saudi Arabia, which allowed participating organisations to gain an understanding of DNSSEC and how it can be applied to their networks, applications, and services. A number of specialists from different institutions and departments participated in the workshop.