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RIPE NCC Membership and Stakeholder Survey 2011

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This survey will be used by the RIPE NCC to assess its current service offering and shape its strategy for the years ahead. The RIPE NCC carries out these large-scale surveys every three years. They are extremely important in finding out the views of RIPE NCC members on the direction the RIPE NCC should be taking as an organisation.

The RIPE NCC Membership and Stakeholder Survey 2011 is now closed.


An independent third party, the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), will conduct the analysis of the survey data. Any information that may identify the respondent will be removed by the OII and will not be made available to the RIPE NCC or published in the report.

The results of the Membership and Stakeholder Survey 2011 will be presented at the RIPE 63 Meeting, which takes place in Vienna, Austria from 31 October - 4 November 2011.

The RIPE NCC would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the survey.

More information on this survey, and the winners of the five iPads offered by the RIPE NCC as prizes for participants, are published on the RIPE NCC website.

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