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A Reminder About Incorrect Use of the RIPE Database

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Over the past few months there have been a number of reported incidents where misuse of the RIPE Database may have occurred. Most recently, we have received complaints that companies have been using contact information in the RIPE Database to market their services to members of the RIPE community.

The RIPE NCC would like to reiterate both to our community and other commercial organisations that we take misuse of the database very seriously. Article 4.4 of the RIPE Database Terms and Conditions states that "Users may not use the RIPE Database or the data contained therein for advertising, direct marketing, marketing research or similar purposes." Similarly, we will never give the contact details of our community members to any third parties without first receiving permission to do so. 

The current process is for the RIPE NCC to contact these organisations directly and make them aware that they may be in violation of the terms and conditions. If the abuse continues, the RIPE NCC may pursue further legal action. 

We would like to again thank our community members who are raising these issues when they occur. Please continue to contact us if you believe the RIPE Database is being used improperly.