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1,000th LIR Requests Resource Certificate from the RIPE NCC

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On 21 June 2012, 18 months after the RIPE NCC launched its Resource Certification (RPKI) service, the 1,000th LIR has requested a digital certificate for their Internet number resources. The service has developed from a prototype in 2006 to a full production service in collaboration with the other Regional Internet Registries, aimed at making the RIR Registries more robust and BGP routing more secure.

Resource Certification offers LIRs validatable proof of holdership. In addition, it allows LIRs to make cryptographically verifiable statements about which Autonomous Systems are authorised to originate the IP prefixes they hold. The toolset developed by the RIPE NCC to validate and use this data has been downloaded hundreds of times in the last months and is actively used by many organisations to make better BGP routing decisions.

More information is available on the Resource Certification pages.