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RIPE Networking Application - Terms and Conditions


This document specifies the RIPE Networking Application Terms and Conditions (hereafter: “Terms and Conditions”).

Article 1 Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, the following shall be understood to have the meanings assigned to them below:

  • RIPE NCC - Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre, a membership association under Dutch law, with registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Meeting – An event organised by the RIPE NCC or another party.
  • The Application – RIPE Networking Application available for iOS and Android and accessible by a web browser.
  • RIPE NCC Access account – RIPE NCC’s single sign-on system, which allows anyone to use a single set of credentials to access various RIPE NCC services.
  • User(s) – Anyone that Uses the Application.
  • Use - Access, query, browse, view, download, delete or interact in any way with (part of) the Application or the data contained therein.
  • User Data – User Profile, User Messages and User Meetings contained in the Application.
  • User Profile(s) – Data about the User, including picture, name, job title, interests and calendar.
  • User Meetings – Data regarding meetings the User arranged with another User (including names, date, location) and Meeting sessions the User highlights via the Application.
  • User Messages – Private messages and public messages sent via the Application. This includes User names, content of messages and timestamps.

Article 2 General

2.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to the Use of the Application.

2.2 By downloading and/or logging in, the User confirms to have read and understood, and agrees to be bound by, these Terms and Conditions.

2.3 These Terms and Conditions may be subject to amendments. The RIPE NCC will send notice of such amendments to the email address associated with the User's RIPE NCC Access account. By continuing to Use the Application, the User confirms to have read and understood, and agrees to be bound by, these amendments.

2.4 The Application may facilitate the Use of third-party services by the User, such as mobile calendar applications. These third-party services are subject to separate Terms and Conditions. The User may only use such third-party services upon the User's approval. It is the User's sole responsibility to review these third-party Terms and Conditions. The User understands that these third-party terms and conditions are not part of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 3 Use of the Application

3.1 To Use the Application, the User is required to create a User Profile. The User agrees that the full name and picture will be used from the User's RIPE NCC Access account. Any additional information (such as contact details, job title and interests) may be changed and updated by the User. User Profiles will be shared with other Users. The User confirms that any information they provide is accurate, correct and up-to-date.

3.2 The User may send private messages to another User. Both Users will be able to view message information such as time stamps. Private messages and relevant message information will not be shared with anyone except with the User the private message was sent to. The User may block another User from sending them private messages.

3.3 The User may send public messages visible to all Users. Users may delete such public messages sent by themselves. After deleting the public message, no User will be able to view the public message again.

3.4 The User may send invitations for meetings to other Users. Any such invitations are only visible to the inviting and the invited User. After the invited User accepts an invitation, the meeting shall be visible in the calendar of the User Profile of both Users. Other Users cannot view meeting details.

3.5 The User will take article 5.2 into account when sending private messages, public messages and invitations.

3.6 The Use of the Application for advertising, direct marketing and marketing research is strictly forbidden unless with prior written permission of the RIPE NCC.

3.7 Users shall not re-package, download, compile, re-distribute, reverse engineer or re-Use any or all User Data, unless this is permitted as part of their Use of the Application.

3.8 The User shall not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the Use of the Application.

Article 4 Privacy

4.1 All User Data will be stored on the RIPE NCC infrastructure and processed in accordance with the Dutch and EU Data protection laws and regulations.

4.2 The RIPE NCC is using cookies. By agreeing to Use the Application, the User confirms that they are aware of the cookies the RIPE NCC is using, the purposes these cookies are used for as described in the RIPE NCC Privacy Statement, and that they give their consent thereupon.

4.3 User Meetings and User Messages shall be automatically deleted thirty (30) days after the last day of the Meeting. The User shall receive a warning about the upcoming deletion of the User Meetings and User Messages fifteen (15) days after the last day of the Meeting. This does not include details about meetings between Users arranged via the Application, which may be deleted manually by the User at any time.

4.4 The User may delete the Application at any time. Upon deletion of the Application by the User, all User Data shall be deleted and cannot be retained.

4.5 The User understands that, after deleting the Application from their own device or after deleting User Messages and User Meetings, these User Messages and User Meetings may still exist on the Application of the User involved in the message or meeting.

4.6 For the purpose of sending push notifications to the User, the RIPE NCC may share with a third-party necessary data related to the device of the User, but never personal data.

Article 5 Control of Use

5.1 The RIPE NCC may perform security checks and audits to determine unauthorised Use of the Application. Unauthorised Use may include any Use in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

5.2 Users shall Use the Application in a way that shall not offend, abuse or harm the RIPE NCC or any other User. This includes, but is not limited to, sending spam messages or messages with harmful content or acting in any other way that is not received as acceptable behaviour. Any abusive incidents may be reported to the RIPE NCC at the email address [email protected].

5.3 The RIPE NCC may terminate, suspend or restrict a User's Use of the Application at any time in its sole discretion for any period, particularly due to the User's failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions. In such cases the RIPE NCC reserves the right to restrict this User's participation to the Meeting.

5.4 The RIPE NCC may suspend or cancel the access, operation, availability or liability of the Application to the User for technical, operational or maintenance purposes, upgrades, security fixes, deployment of new Services legal, security or anti-abuse, or for any other reasons within the scope of managing the operations of the Application.

Article 6 Liability

6.1 The Application will be available on a best-effort basis and the RIPE NCC shall not be liable for damages resulting from the unavailability of the Application, for instance when the Application is not accessible or cannot be Used.

6.2 The Use of the Application is at the Users' own risk. The RIPE NCC will not be liable for any inaccuracies. The Users shall be liable for all aspects of their Use of the Application including damages resulting from downloading, installing or using any software or from the Use itself.

6.3 The RIPE NCC is not responsible for personal information or any other private content the User chooses to make available through the Application.

6.4 The RIPE NCC shall not be liable for damage because of a failure to meet any obligation under these Terms and Conditions if such a failure is due to circumstances for which the RIPE NCC is not considered accountable to law, contract or trade custom. The RIPE NCC in any event shall not be accountable for failures to perform resulting from force majeure, including but not limited to interruptions or improper functioning of power of telecommunications facilities, power failures and defects in electronic lines of communication.

6.5 The User indemnifies the RIPE NCC for any third-party claims filed against it in relation to the User's Use of the Application or resulting from the non-performance by the User of any obligation arising out of these Terms and Conditions.

6.6 In no event shall the RIPE NCC be liable for any type of misuse or abuse by a User of the Application or for any damage caused thereof.

Article 7 Miscellaneous

7.1 The Use of the Application is subject to and conditional upon the adherence to these Terms and Conditions, the RIPE NCC Privacy Statement, and the RIPE NCC Copyright Statement. The RIPE NCC Privacy Statement and the RIPE NCC Copyright Statement, which may be revised and updated from time to time, form an integral part of these Terms and Conditions and apply fully to the Application.

7.2 The RIPE NCC's intellectual property may only be used, reproduced and made available to third parties upon prior written authorisation from the RIPE NCC and in any case in accordance with the RIPE NCC Copyright Statement. Elements of the open source code are subject to the 3-Clause BSD license.

7.3 The User grants the RIPE NCC a non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, distribute, display and perform the information (including the content) that the User uploads, sends or receives through the Application. The rights the User grants are for the limited purpose of operating the Application (such as to allow the RIPE NCC to display profile picture and send messages).

7.4 Any intellectual property rights on material that is written by third parties not employed or commissioned by the RIPE NCC and may be available on the Application remain with the third party. The RIPE NCC is not responsible for the content of any materials created or written by such third parties.

7.5 If any provision contained in the Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid by a court of law, all other provisions of these Terms and Conditions will continue to be in effect and enforceable.

Article 8 Governing law

These Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively governed by the laws of The Netherlands. The competent court in Amsterdam shall have exclusive jurisdiction with regards to disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions.