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The RIPE Database Requirements Task Force was formed in October 2019 as an outcome of the Big Picture BoF that took place at RIPE 78 in Reykjavik, Iceland.
At RIPE 52 in Istanbul, RIPE established a task force that promotes deployment of ingress filtering at the network edge by raising awareness and provide ...
The RIPE Data Protection Task Force (DPTF) was established at RIPE 52 in April 2006 when the Database Working Group identified a need to update the RIPE ...
ripe-601: DNSSEC Key Repository Task Force Recommendations in Response to Proposed Trust Anchor Repository (TAR)
Code of Conduct Task Force
Following discussions at RIPE 54 in Tallinn, the DNS Working Group agreed to form a Task Force to discuss issues around finding a global DNSSEC trust anchor.
Best Current Operational Practices Task Force Charter Abstract
DNS Resolver Best Common Practice Task Force (DNS Resolver BCP TF)
Minites of the RIPE Diversity Task Force meetings
Timeline for the RIPE Anti-Spoofing Task Force
21 items matching your search terms