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It is now more crucial than ever that ISPs, governments, network providers and other stakeholders ensure that they are IPv6 ready to ensure that the innovative ...
We allocate small /24 blocks of recovered IPv4 addresses via a waiting list.
Presentation given by Theodoros Polychniatis at GRNOG 9, Athens, Greece on 6 December 2019
Last /8 Call Back Procedure.
ripe-510 RIPE NCC Organisational Document
ripe-510: This document details the address space managed by the RIPE NCC and the longest prefixes allocated or assigned from different address ranges.
Yesterday, on 1 March 2016, the RIPE NCC and other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) were each allocated the equivalent of a /15 of IPv4 address space from ...
On Monday, 27 January 2020, the RIPE NCC held a Roundtable Meeting for government representatives and regulators in Brussels, Belgium.
28 items matching your search terms