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Summary of Proposal

This The proposal is about extending ripe-563, “Abuse RIPE Document ripe-563 Link: /publications/docs/ripe-563/ , “Abuse Contact Management in the RIPE Database Link: /publications/docs/ripe-563/ ”to Legacy Database”,to Legacy Internet Resource Holders.

Policy Text

a. Current policy text

The proposed modification adds a new section and does not modify to the current policy text.

b. New policy text

New section:

1.0 Scope

This policy applies to:

introduced the new contact attribute “abuse-c”. attribute, “abuse-c:”. Although this attribute is mandatory for all aut-num objects and directly-allocated for at least every direct allocated inetnum and inet6num objects, object, it cannot be enforced for Legacy Internet Resources (see ripe-639, “RIPE on Legacy Internet Resources. (See ripe-639 Link: , “RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Internet Resource Holders Link: /publications/docs/ripe-639/ ”, ResourceHolders”, section 1.2, paragraph 2). 2.)

This difference in dealing with resources assigned or allocated by the RIPE NCC compared to versus Legacy Internet Resources leads not only to an inconsistent data model used in the RIPE Database but also to poor quality and a data quality or lack of abuse contacts for some resources in entered into the database.

It will benefit be a benefit for the entire Internet community to have better quality of abuse contact data.

a. Arguments supporting the proposal

  1. More consistent data model (at the end of the process).
  2. Simpler abuse contact finding tools.
  3. Better data quality
  4. More accurate data for abuse contacts. If the Legacy Resource Holders will receive an error due to the improper creating or updating of Legacy Internet Resource objects, they will receive a dedicated friendly explanation about abuse-c instead of a generic error message.

b. Arguments opposing the proposal

  1. Some knowledge has to be gained and work has to be done by Legacy Resource Holders.
  2. The proposal has a long term effect, since some Legacy Internet Resource objects are stale and will not probably be changed in the near and predictable future.
Internet Resource Holders
  • Some abuse-c contacts have to be entered into the RIPE Database by the RIPE NCC (as done in the past).