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This policy proposal has been withdrawn

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This document relates to the policy proposal 2016-01, “Include Legacy Internet Resource Holders in the Abuse-c Policy”. If approved, it will modify ripe-563. To show you how the new document would be different to the old one, we have highlighted any new text or changes to the existing text.

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This policy originated from the work of the Abuse Contact Management Task Force. The task force examined the collection and maintenance of resource registration information in the RIPE Database, including potential areas for improvement and alternative approaches.

This policy introduces a new contact attribute named "abuse-c:”, that can be included in inetnum, inet6num and aut-num objects.


1.0 Abuse Contact Information
2.0 Attribution


1.0 Scope
0 Abuse Contact Information
0 Attribution

1.0 Scope

This policy applies to:

  • Internet resources assigned and allocated by RIPE NCC
  • Legacy Internet Resources (as defined in “RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Internet Resource Holders”). In these cases, the policy is applied when creating or modifying Legacy Internet Resource objects in the RIPE Database.

1.0 Abuse Contact Information

The "abuse-c:" will reference a role object holding abuse contact information. The positioning of the “abuse-c:” attributes will make use of the hierarchical nature of the resource data to minimize the workload on resource holders. Internet number resources need to have an “abuse-c:” attribute.

The “abuse-c:” will be mandatory for all aut-nums.

Due the hierarchical nature of IP address objects, at least every direct allocated inetnum and inet6num needs to have an “abuse-c:”. Inherited objects might have their own “abuse-c:” attribute or they will be covered by the higher level objects.

The role objects used for abuse contact information will be required to contain a single “abuse-mailbox:” attribute which is intended for receiving automatic and manual reports about abusive behavior originating in the resource holders’ networks.

The “abuse-mailbox:” attribute must be available in an unrestricted way via whois, APIs and future techniques.

As per current practice, other "e-mail:" attributes can be included for any other purposes.

2.0 Attribution

This document is developed by the RIPE community.

The following people actively contributed by making proposals through the RIPE Policy Development Process:
Tobias Knecht