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Re: Found some sort of a clue... (fwd)

  • To: (Daniel Kalchev)
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  • Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1992 13:49:17 +0200
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    I would ask EARN once again to please not "borrow" the .BG top
    level domain from Internet.
Nothing new under the sun: long ago EARN and BITNET
maintained their own set of top level domains, the
names of which were naturally derived from ISO-3166
like the Internet top level domain names. Of course
this caused routing and reachability problems; this
was eventually solved when they were merged with the
Internet top level domains, with the registration
being done by / referred to the registrars of the
Internet top level domains.
As far as I know BITNET has been sticking to this
policy ever since. But rather recently I've seen the
problem show up in EARN again, in particular in the
former East Block countries.
So history repeats itself.... Why don't people want
to learn from hard experience?


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