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Found some sort of a clue... (fwd)

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  • From: (Daniel Kalchev)
  • Date: Thu, 24 Sep 92 13:21:49 EET

Dear Colleagues,

I do not know if you are aware of it, but this did happen already
six months. I hope it would not continue to happen, because users
complain that they do not receive their mail, which is misrouted for
who knows what reasons to AEARN.

The last story was that the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences claimed to
be the "international networking body" for Bulgaria, which is of
course just a funny statement. I would at least ask you to inform the
.BG top level domain administration if you decide to force route the
traffic somewhere.

I would ask EARN once again to please not "borrow" the .BG top level
domain from Internet. If you do not know what to do with the mail,
simply route it to your nearest Internet gateway. Thanks!

Sorry for the long Cc: list, but this problem should really be

Daniel Kalchev

Forwarded message:
> Subject: Found some sort of a clue...
> Message-Id: <JOHNSON.920923165504@localhost
> From: Johnson@localhost (Jay Johnson)
> To: daniel@localhost (Daniel Kalchev)
> Date:    Wed, 23 Sep 92 16:55:04 EDT
> Apparently our mailer got an over-ride record from BITNET
> which directs BG traffic to AEARN.  Our mailer treated my
> mail as subject to it and sent it to AEARN which, I guess,
> doesn't know how to get to danbo.
> The mx records are first to try and then
> as I remember which seemed ok though I'd have thought the
> order would be reversed.
> So thought you'd like to know that sites which have BITNET
> as well as Internet links and mailers as dumb as ours may
> be giving grief.

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