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Re: Yet Another SIP Community:, enum-trial@localhost

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    Stastny Richard < >
  • From: Richard Shockey < >
  • Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 12:10:05 -0400

I absolutely do not like this approach, because this is confusing the
issue even more. We should get ENUM on track for linking these ITADs asap.
AFAIK the ENUM Forum is working quite hard on enabling ENUM at least for the US part of +1:

I can certainly confirm this .. the central issue in the US at this time is how the contracting model for the US and or NANP Tier 1 entity aka (1-NPA) is to be established. There was never any desire among the participants to conduct trials, only establish a commercially viable ENUM service within at the earliest possible date.

Those in charge of the process in the US ...the FCC and Dept. of Commerce have been regularly meeting both with industry participants, NANP country representatives and privately among themselves to shape consensus.

I'm relatively confident we can see the timetable to implementation emerge this year.

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