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AW: Yet Another SIP Community: www.sipphone.com

This Lindows guy just lauched another FWD and is in addition
selling pairs of Grandstreams. You get a "FWD" number, the gag
is only that he used an suspended NANP area code in front and
a also the NA dialing plan. For the cross connections to
FWD and iptel.org is is not using the wacko ** or 1010 like EdGuy,
he is using other UNUSED NANP area codes: www.nanpa.com 
I absolutely do not like this approach, because this is confusing the
issue even more. We should get ENUM on track for linking these 
ITADs asap.
BTW, anybody can sign up for a number, get a PW  and use it with 
any other SIPphone:
SIP Server: proxy01.sipphone.com ( 
STUN Server: stun01.sipphone.com ( 
NTP Server: ntp01.sipphone.com 
TFTP Server: tftp01.sipphone.com ( 


	-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht----- 
	Von: Otmar Lendl [
] Gesendet: Do 07.08.2003 18:57 An: enum-trials@localhost Cc: Betreff: Yet Another SIP Community: www.sipphone.com Michael Robertson, the guy behind Lindows just launched a SIP community and sells preconfigured SIP phones (Grandstreams) two for $ 130. See http://www.sipphone.com/, or the slashdot discussion at http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/08/06/2212241. They seem to use a numbering schema similar to the North American Dialing plan, where they are in 1-747 xxx yyyy, a crosslink to FWD uses 1-393 <fwd-nr> and for iptel the prefix is 1-477. I have no idea about the allocation status of the area codes 747, 393 and 477. All these "if you want to call from system X to system Y use prefix Z" lists remind me of the email routing guides I needed back in the days of Bitnet, Fido, Maus, Internet, X.400, Compuserve, GENIE & co. I wonder when they'll discover that ENUM might do the same magic for them that RFC822 + DNS + MX records did for email? /ol -- < Otmar Lendl (lendl@localhost) | nic.at Systems Engineer >

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