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Yet Another SIP Community:

  • From: Otmar Lendl < >
  • Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 18:57:01 +0200

Michael Robertson, the guy behind Lindows just launched a
SIP community and sells preconfigured SIP phones (Grandstreams)
two for $ 130.

See, or the slashdot discussion at

They seem to use a numbering schema similar to the North
American Dialing plan, where they are in 1-747 xxx yyyy,
a crosslink to FWD uses 1-393 <fwd-nr> and for iptel
the prefix is 1-477.

I have no idea about the allocation status of the area codes 
747, 393 and 477.

All these "if you want to call from system X to system Y
use prefix Z" lists remind me of the email routing guides
I needed back in the days of Bitnet, Fido, Maus, Internet,
X.400, Compuserve, GENIE & co. 

I wonder when they'll discover that ENUM might do the same
magic for them that RFC822 + DNS + MX records did for email?

< Otmar Lendl (lendl@localhost) | Systems Engineer >

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