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RE: Yet Another SIP Community:, enum-trial@localhost

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    "Carsten Schiefner" < >
  • From: Richard Shockey < >
  • Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 12:13:54 -0400

At 04:23 PM 8/8/2003 +0200, Stastny Richard wrote:

On this topic, I sent the following e-mail to Jeff Pulver et al.
in response to the new "experimental" service:
I certainly want to add my total support to Richard's comments here.

In case of FWD and this is breaking the closed NANP by
allowing any number of digits (instead of 7). So this never can be
mapped onto E.164

If you are now creating vanity numbers behind 393, allowing 6 to 26!!!
digits, this is very weird, considering also that a complete E.164 may
have only 15 digits.

So even if by miracle FWD, sipphone or may get finally these
NPAs assigned, it would not work.

All these private dialing plans are silly ...but they dont bother me either you cannot have a global service without consistancy in naming and addressing.

BTW, it is also weird for global services to align numbers to the NANP,
you should align to international E.164.

This will be very confusing for users and also be unresolvable in the
future if VoIP and PSTN should be linked.
Amen to that...

You are missing a big chance to create a numbering plan compatible with
E.164, because by being able to set up a numbering plan from scatch you
could avoid the pitfalls and restrictions other numbering plan
administrators have for historical reasons, but you have to obey some
basic rules and conventions.
Well said...

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