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New authentication scheme for viewing TT data

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  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 14:42:14 +0100
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It's great to see the TT service roll out in production, and it's
a credit to all at RIPE NCC who had the original idea and brought
it all this way.  Good work too by the TT WG which by its questions
and input has helped to shape the service.

As TT is now a full service offering, available to anyone at all, it is
perhaps to be expected that issues of confidentiality will now begin
to feature.  Imho, though, it would be a pity if we lost all the
good collaborative aspects of the project as it becomes a full
service.  In particular, common access to each other's TT data is due
to go at the end of June, and this will mean that each of us can
look only at our own results.  We will lose the ability to compare
our results more widely, which, however you look at it, is a significant
change in the value of the results.

I fully appreciate the need to review the generic ttraffic account
and respect the rights of any TT clients to keep their results
confidential.  I wonder, though, whether some TT clients would like
to share their results with others.  HEAnet is willing to have its
results accessible to other TT clients; I wonder would others like to 
reciprocate?  If there is a critical mass willing to continue the 
pooled access idea, would RIPE NCC be able to help in giving effect
to this?

I have no wish to make anyone feel that there is some kind of moral
pressure to join a group of those who would share results.  Rather,
I would defend anyone's right to keep his results confidential.  Nor
would I like to see the perception of two classes of TT service, nor
the splitting of this WG into two camps; if either of these were
likely, I would gladly withdraw my suggestion.  At the same time, 
I'd be glad to hear what others think of the idea.


Mike Norris

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