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Re: New authentication scheme for viewing TT data

Hello Mike,

On Mon, 23 Apr 2001 mike.norris@localhost wrote:

> service.  In particular, common access to each other's TT data is due
> to go at the end of June, and this will mean that each of us can
> look only at our own results.  We will lose the ability to compare
> our results more widely, which, however you look at it, is a significant
> change in the value of the results.

There is some confusion here, the general, shared, account giving access
to all TTM plots is also available on the ttm-tests.ripe.net website; so
when that server takes over from the current www.ripe.net machine,
tt-hosts will, in principle, continue to have access to plots from all
other sites. Only the look-and-feel of the main pages will have changed.

The new authentication scheme was setup in repsonse to requests to provide
access to the results obtained with a test-box to customers of the
hostsing organisation. However, the implemented scheme is very flexible,
should a site feel strongly about it, we can change the access priviliges
such that their main .../ttm/Plots/ttXY page is not visible from the
general username/passwd combination.

These ideas have been presented before to both the mailing list and
the tt-wg at the last RIPE meeting. You may wish to (re)read the
thread "Access to RIPE-TT data from third parties (fwd)" in

as well as Henk's follow up e-mail dd. 14 Feb 2001 :


I hope this clarifies the matter. 

With best regards,

-- Rene 

Rene Wilhelm                    RIPE Network Coordination Centre
Email: wilhelm@localhost         Test Traffic Measurements
Phone: +31 20 535 4417          Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Fax:   +31 20 535 4445          http://www.ripe.net/ripencc/mem-services/ttm/

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