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Re: DANTE CERT Service

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  • Date: Wed, 07 Dec 94 02:07:51 GMT
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  Dear Hannes!

  #include <disclaimer.h>
  /* this is my personal view, not necessarily ACOnet's position */

>Subject: Re: DANTE CERT Service
>From: Hannes Lubich lubich@localhost
>Hmmm, I would rather see a coordinated action here, rather than just one
>or the other organisation "taking over" a function, regardless of their
>other services. Wouldn't that be a classical scenario for a Call for Tender?

  ...well, from the point of view of the customers "asking" DANTE to
  provide this service, it's probably a coordinated action, isn't it?

>Another thought: as the person responsible for the SWITCH CERT, my impression
>is that one of the foundations of running a CERT/CC is trust (ie.e. a customer
>has to trust me that I will handle his/her security problem in a knowledgeable
>AND confidential way, also a CERT provider has to trust his/her customers to a
>certain degree). Such trust can only be built over time, so an European CERT/CC
>should in my opinion be based on one or more existing national CERTs, with that
>particular experience in place (and I'm not only talking about purely technical
>experience, see above).

  I fully agree with your line of thoughts!
  However the trust aspect and confidentiality somehow contradicts the
  idea of putting up a (commercial) tendering process..

  As an aside, I don't see DANTE's position in this at all, given the
  fact that the service is proposed to be subcontracted. Why dont' the
  national CERTs get directly in touch with the group that actually
  provides the coordination/functionality (I do not use the term
  "service" here by purpose)?

  Or have TERENA do the "tendering" (more like asking for qualified
  volunteers) and then provide the financial clearinghouse?

  But maybe we again "need" an "appropriately coloured management"
  somewhere along the path...

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