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Re: DANTE CERT Service

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  • Date: Wed, 07 Dec 94 09:02:20 GMT
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The Internet industry in Europe needs to sort out the funding of 
'mutual services' like the CERTs. While TERENA and RIPE-NCC are I 
believe the right place for this the industry has not expressed this 
and beefed up the terms of reference to these groups. Also the 
funding still has not been sorted.

The funding of any mutual service is always difficult if some 
players are able to enjoy a free ride. ( This is one of the reasons 
we pay taxes). 

I would like to suggest that TERENA and/or the RIPE-NCC are 
'encouraged' to be creative in the services it provides and that we 
the industry support them with adequate funds.

If this does not happen, then these services will be swept-up by 
opportunists who will make of them what they can.

I therefore propose that at the next TERENA meeting we resolve to 
enable the NCC to offer any 'mutual' service and to increase their 
funding by the apropiate amount ( three times current '95 budget?)

Why do I keep being reminded of the Joni Mitchell? song that goes...

They took all the trees put them in a tree museum.. Then they 
charged the people a dollar and a half just to see them....

PIPEX wish to express support for the ConCERT-in-E approach
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