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Re: DANTE CERT Service

Some people might doubt that EurOpen can manage to forget its historical
links to EUNet.

I've changed my mind after a while:
- DANTE can do anything it wants to. If SURFnet and DFN wants it to take
  care of some security issues for them, FINE.
- The Concert-in-E proposal should be pursued, but the result might
  be more of a consultation forum (FIRST-Europe?) rather than
  an operational service (CERT-Europe).
- I'll recommend that the UNINETT CERT establishes cross trust with both
  the DFN-CERT, the SURFnet-CERT, the DANTE CERT and any Euro-CERT that
  is established by other parties. Any of them may get money if we see
  perceived value to their services.

Not very constructive, am I?

         Harald A

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