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RIPE Meeting Announcement

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  • From: Anne Lord < >
  • Date: Thu, 10 Dec 92 16:32:19 +0100
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        This is to announce that the 14th RIPE meeting will take place:

        Dates:          25 January 1993 14:00h - 18:00h
                        26 January 1993 09:00h - 18:00h
                        27 January 1993 09:00h - 16:00h

        Venue:          Czech Technical University
                        Faculty of Electrical Engineering
                        Technicka 2
                        Prague 6

        Organiser:      Prof. Jan Gruntorad, Czech Technical University

        Meeting Hotel:  Hotel Krystal
                        J. Martiho 2/407
                        Prague 6 - Vokovice

                        Reservations can be made on the registration form
                        (which will follow in a separate mail). The form
                        must be received before January 8th, 1993 if we
                        are to make a booking for you.

        Registration:   Please use the registration form (which will follow
                        in a separate mail as above) to give notice of your
                        coming as soon as possible.

                        o  CIDR and BGP 4         
                        o  EMPB IP
                        o  EBONE status
                        o  NCC Report
                        o  Network Traffic Management
                        o  Working Group reports
                        o  Introduction to demonstrations
                        o  GIX and Route Server report

        General Information:

        Currency:       Kcs = Koruna Ceskoslovenska  = Czechoslovak Crown
                        1 ECU = 35 Kcs
                        1 US$ = 28 Kcs

        Climate:        Typical day temperatures in January are slightly
                        below freezing point.

        Appended to this announcement:

        - directions to the meeting place

        Documents to follow (separate mail messages):

        <> details of hotels in Prague close to meeting venue

        <> registration form for both accommodation (Hotel KRYSTAL only)
           and attendance at the meeting


Information  for  participants of  the RIPE  Meeting at  the Czech
Technical University:  How do I get there?

A postscript streetmap of the meeting site will be put in the RIPE 
document store and will be available by ftp from:


a) By bus from Prague airport:

   - take bus no. 119 as far as the terminal station (which is the
     "Dejvicka" Underground station).

   - Cross the "Evropska" street you are on - preferably by the
     subway at the Dejvicka Underground station. Take the stairway
     exit marked "Solinova, Bus, Vysoke skoly".

   - You will come out of the subway into Solinova Street which
     will take you directly towards Technicka Street.

   - take the second left-hand street off Solinova Street - this is
     Technicka street, where the Technical University is located.

   - The meeting place (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) is the
     first building on the right-hand side of Technicka Street.
     You cannot miss it.

b) By train:

   - take the Underground A-line to the "Dejvicka" terminal station.
     Use the escalators at the front of your platform and look for
     the "Solinova, Bus, Vysoke skoly" stairway exit as described

c) By taxi:

   - taxi from the Airport to the meeting place should cost
     approx. 110 Kcs:  distance   = 13 km;
                       max. price = 8 Kcs/km
                       fixed fee  = 6 Kcs

   - No additional fees should be paid. Please ask for a receipt
     if in doubt.

Directions will be posted inside the Faculty building and there will
be people available to point you in the right direction.

Public Transport - how much does it cost and where can I get tickets?

Normal ticket price for all types of public transport (Underground,
tram, bus, funicular railway) is 4,- Kcs.

Tickets should be bought before entering the Underground, tram or bus.
You can buy them from supervisors at most entrances to the Underground,
or from orange-coloured ticket machines (by the Underground entrances
and at many tram or bus stops), or in newspaper kiosks, tobacconists'
shops and many food stores.

The ticket should be punched IMMEDIATELY after getting on a tram or bus
(ask your co-passengers to help you if necessary), and stamped BEFORE
entering the Underground premises. 

Each ticket can be used only once (i.e. a new ticket must be used if you
change buses or trams. You can travel any distance on the same ticket if
you don't change buses or trams). With the Underground it is slightly
different in that your ticket is valid on all Underground lines for
one hour.

1-day to 5-day tourist tickets can also be  bought mainly  in some
newspaper kiosks or at Public Transport Offices for 30 Kcs (1-day)
to 100 Kcs (5-day); these tickets should not be marked  but should
be displayed on request.

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