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Re: Nsfnet stats

> As for the Ebone: where can I find statistics such as port usage and
> country usage?

Port usage, is with the equipment used in Ebone not possible to get,
even if you put up a nnstat machine on the DMZ it would not se the
traffic switched within a router between it's ports.

The T1 network, had one interface per RT-PC and a token-ring
interconnecting them, and it was possible to have one dedicated box to
do traffic statistics.

With todays T3/E3 or FDDI routers, it's not that easy to make all
packages avaliable, and have something to analyse them, without
basically putting that inside the router hardware.

The Ebone as a whole collects only link utalization on a regular
basis. However some sites, do collect statistics on source/destination
addresses. This is to my knowledge done by Sara in Amsterdam (nic@localhost)
Cern in Geneva (olivier@localhost). 

> Thanks,
> Hank


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