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RIPE-DB WG Paris, item 2.3

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  • From: "Wilfried Woeber, ACOnet, +43(1)58801-3614" < >
  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 17:31:42 MET
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	Andreas Schachtner (afs@localhost) submitted the following
	proposal for discussion in Paris (RIPE-DB WG, agenda:2.3)
As it is getting more common, to allocate nets according to supernetting,
the RIPE database should reflect this.

It might change the perspective for a router manager (and might change the
technical implications as soon as classless routing will be deployed),
if someone realizes that [s]he's in fact seeing a supernetted network instead
of a siongle class C.

Considering this, I would propose to have thos networks classes in the RIPE DB
as <net> <mask> pairs:


instead of 256 (ok, 254 :-) network entries.

The RIPE DB software has to be changed, of course. It would be clever, if
for the purpose of indexing the software explodes the <net>,<mask> pair
to all networks covered by this. All those index entries should point to
the supernetted object, of course.

By this, if such a network number comes along, I simply do a query as
for an ordinary class C, but get the supernetted as answer.

Opinions ?
	Andreas Schachtner

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