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RIPE-DB WG Paris, item 2.2

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  • From: "Wilfried Woeber, ACOnet, +43(1)58801-3614" < >
  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 17:20:30 MET
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For discussion in Paris (RIPE-DB WG, agenda:2.2)

Andreas Schachtner (afs@localhost) proposes to introduce an optional
field for any DB object where this information does make sense:

	*tl: <e-mail-address>
	*tech-l: <e-mail-address>

This field is not supposed to replace the *tc or *ac fields!

The *tech-l filed should point to a mail address or mailinglist to provide
access to people with _technical_ knowledge for the object referenced.

Advantages are seen with the addressing of trouble tickets, managing
configuration changes, etc.

Any comments? Wilfried.

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