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Re: RIPE-DB WG Paris, item 2.3

  • To: "Wilfried Woeber, ACOnet, +43(1)58801-3614" < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 92 14:52:30 +0200
  • Cc:

We have taken a few minutes and implemented the following as a "field trial"
until a decision is taken in Paris. The inetnum field now accepts
two forms:

inetnum:			(old form nothing changed)


inetnum: -	(new form)

The second form indicates a block of networks between and including the 
two networks mentioned. The first network should be numerically lower than
the second. The syntactic sugar " - " is required.

Whois will find the block if any of the networks is queried.

We now accept such blocks in database updates as part of the "field trial".


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