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FYI: RARE Discussion about Position Paper

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  • Date: Sat, 22 Aug 92 12:05:39 +0200

------- Forwarded Message

Date:     Fri, 21 Aug 1992 14:55:35 +0200
From:     Jose Barbera <jose.barbera@localhost
To:       RARE-COA coa-list@localhost
Subject:  On RIPE discussion for COA24

Dear colleagues,

I would like the REC to give some explanation on the purpose and scope 
of the RIPE position paper:

	>document: ripe-draft-position-v2
	>date:     11 August 1992
	>version:  2
	>author:   R.Blokzijl
	>status:   for discussion

sent on 
	>Thu, 13 Aug 1992 12:35:40 
	>From:          (Rob Blokzijl) k13@localhost
	>To:           coa@localhost, ripe-org@localhost

under the heading:
	>Subject:      RIPE position paper
	>Organisation: Nikhef-H (National Institute for Nuclear and
	 High-Energy Physics) 
	>Address: Kruislaan 409, P.O. Box 41882, 1009 DB Amsterdam, the
	>Phone: +31 20 5925102, +31 20 6924218 (home)
	>Telex: 10262 hef nl
	>Telefax: +31 20 5925155
	>Dear Colleagues,
     	>below you will find the paper that outlines the position of RIPE
     	>regarding the upcoming discussion in the RARE COA on the
     	>relationship between RIPE and RARE, and RIPE and the Operational Unit.
     	>Comments and further input are welcome!
	>Rob Blokzijl

May I recall an extract of the last COA (draft) minutes:

	>c) Discussion on Terms of Reference etc, of RIPE
	>The COA notes that the RIPE position paper  distributed
	>electronically by Rob Blokzijl on 8 May 1992 was circulated by the
	>RIPE Chairman for information and had not been seen by the REC
	>D23-14  The COA agrees to defer the discussion on RIPE and its
        >	 Terms of Reference to the next COA meeting in Bratislava.
       	>	 Before that meeting, the COA will receive a discussion
        >	 paper from the REC.  During the preparation, the REC will
        >	 make use of the input from the Chairman of RIPE.
	>A23-07  REC to prepare a discussion paper on RIPE and its terms
        >	 of reference for COA24.
So my first question is: are we going to repeat the same first paragraph in 
the Bratislava minutes replacing "RIPE position paper" by "RIPE position 
paper, version 2" and "on 8 May 1992" by "on 13 August 1992"?. 

I can understand that the "RIPE position paper, version 2" is sent for
comments and further input to ripe-org@localhost. I do not understand
though that the same is done for coa@localhost (by the way, that e-mail
address is rather old). According to D23-14 & A23-07 it is the REC who 
has to prepare the discussion paper for the next COA with input from the
Chairman of RIPE.

Therefore I want to raise a formal objection to the RIPE Chairman for such
an irregular procedure. For an ordinary COA member that way of acting is
- -at least- confusing, since one is not sure what we are we going to discuss
about and based on what.

I have no comment to make on the paper itsef for I have not read it. I must add
that I have no intention to read it. It's not a matter of prejudice whatsoever,
just a way of saving time. If the actual discussion paper is the one to be
produced by the REC as agreed I do no want to read two papers. There are too
many papers to read. 

I look forward to getting some explanation and guidance from the REC after 
the August 25th meeting.



------- End of Forwarded Message

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